My batcave

My Bat cave!

my bat cave!

La mia batcaverna!

Yes you read it right, I wrote bat cave! I’m an adult man on a wine blog that started by saying my batcave.

Yet this topic is central and crucial for me, because in the last fifteen years both consumption and above all the use of wine have changed; so for someone like me it is essential to find their batcaverna, or their own shelter. That place where we can consider part of the furniture and now one of the house


But who must have a place to be a winning place? One of those that do not attract only occasional? That kind of place where one takes root and becomes a group of madmen from French novel?

My Bat cave !

In the end I found it in Rome my own dimension, made of wines, friends battles and laughter; but no I want to tell you the name of the place, since this is not a publicity post and since you just need to groom my instagram or photos to find out.

What I think is important to think about some things that can improve the “local” experience.

And so I look at the cigs here’s my personal reflection on how it must be a Bat cave; if you are a customer then this article could help you find your reality and if you are an entrepreneur …….

My bat cave!


Each of you has preferences, it is normal and impossible for a local to please everyone but if you have an idea you will look for the most authentic place to live your experience.

In the nineties the Irish pub was fashionable; I have visited millions, all more or less similar; all more or less identical.

Where did I see the best irish pubs? In Ireland! While in Scotland I saw the Scottish pubs and in England the English ones! What I do not see often, however, are the Italian pubs! That is, places where you need beer that does not mimic anything or anyone, maybe they have their own selection of beers without having to standardize their offer.

Places with a soul, with an ida, beautiful or ugly places but that are real and only them; not large chains that look alike but local with their host who becomes a mythical and mythological figure!

As you can see the environment is fundamental; and there is also a pub serving Guinness and that has the Irish setting, but unless you play darts, do not play every night that place will be a bad copy of something else.

Give a soul to your room, give your soul to your room: it will always pay!

My Bat Cave

It must be an authentic place.


The offer at a local is why one often returns there.

In this article we do not talk about food in the strict sense but of beverage. The first thing that I see in a local is the wine offering he has and the top-ups he applies.

You have no idea how important this speech is.

Everyone thinks of the table experience, as a global experience where food and winery go hand in hand, but it is not so an element must always dominate the other.

In a large restaurant I go for a big dinner, and in a large wine shop I go to drink great wines, or at least to make sure that wine is the prince of the evening.

I like the wine lists not encyclopedic because then I lose myself in and not of the company; I like wine shops that change the offer very often and that do not always fossilize the same products.

Translated do not give me a winery with eight thousand references but give me one that varies often and always.

I like going to places where new products and producers are discovered, in which every time I find something new!

The secret is not to be filled with products, to stay without having to chase after the warehouse, and in this way, what you sell replace, and slowly you’ll find products that represent you and products instead of coming and going. This policy intrigues the customer and gives him the opportunity to get curious and always want to come back to see you.

 My Bat Cave!

It must be a hotbed of ideas and proposals and the same goes for food: a few dishes but treated, a few dishes that change often, a few dishes that make me want to come back, and fabulous raw materials: specifically I love the chopping boards with those there focuses on wine and always wins.


And I know mo here is blasphemy even though we had to get; i will not be anybody my bat cave is a dive place i can spend exactly how much i want to spend.

What does it mean? It means that a local that decides to marginate a little less on the sale at the table of bottles (or even to make prices from wine shops) more easily sees the possibility that you order more than one bottle and then if I know (and I believe the I know) I’m paying a bottle for a cheap price … I’ll always come back to you.

I give an example to me very dear.

A wine that i love so much and that i found to Eately a 25,5 € take-out and € 32 if you want to eat at one of Eately’s restaurants ..

This for me is the reference price, not because I love or hate the work of Farinetti (which in Rome for the record in the wine shop is doing a really remarkable job) but because it is the price that I consider correct.

A few weeks later in my Bat cave I see this wine appear at € 25 takeout and 30 at the table: My bat cave has won!

In conclusion, as you can see, there are three fundamental elements

Environment, supply and cost.

 My Bat cave!

I know that this article does not add anything to anything, but very often people do not reflect on what they really love and it’s a shame, because you have no idea what a beautiful thing it is to have a place to go in the evening.

One of those places where you discover, laugh, relax.

These are the places I love, and not the odd tiki bars with unpronounceable drinks and techno music in the background. I hate those places where people are going to be there; fashionable places, places where short-haired girls look like cats in hunting.

Give me a table a nice bottle and a room full of real people.

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