Poly drinks and old wines!

Poly drinks and old wines

Poly drinks and old wines

Pests and bad ideas in mind they mix as little notes on a score, like a trip up in the morning.

How to talk all the time on your own and remember only at the end that the voice you hear answering is yours.

Outside the wind blows hard and the sea roars, I see it from the window and although tired I need to move my thoughts away from me.

I open the front door and go downstairs to the cellar.

While I’m in the elevator I think back to the night just passed; I was late and old style of gin Cocktails very well executed.

Raffaele has a club called Fuori bottega and he’s good, he’s very good; He knows his business and knows he knows it.

Raffaele does not know if what is needed is in fashion or not, he does not care: he is like me in this …… an Autarchic dream

Prepare random drinks that I can perhaps define Futurists and where the main element is always the perfume and essential oils.

Ancient Drink: Drinks of a time gone by when mingled things that have disappeared such as eucalyptus, lavender smells of fields or the fire.

They are very dangerous drinks because they have a chat, and only I know how much I need to talk! In that small place seems to enclose all the Tower announced: the rumors fly and the hours run.

The dawn here it is and I’m ….

The elevator opens and finally they are in the cellar.

Yawning, I slept very little and you see I look really unlucky; other than the night of the living dead here we are at very high levels of zombies.

I begin to look around the bottles that I have; I feel like a solid wine for lunch, that helps me finish directly on Monday; since I’m on the right track to do as Vasco said: today I have no time, today I want to stay off.

Poly drinks and old wines

I take out a few bottles and realize that it has been a long time since those bottles were bought: in all my adult life I stayed there in the dark and only now I am doing something to give it value.

Then I see her, timid is a bit detached from the others; he stays on his own and does not want to be too annoyed; he is there and seems to say

-if you just have to take me but do not break my cock with two thousand stories … I have to do –

Needless to say: I chose her will be my bottle now we just have to take her home.

I close the cellar, all the others (now few) bottles go back to sleep; I turn off the light and everyone goes to bed.

I redirect myself to the elevator and again my thoughts return to my inner life: why I follow

this path?

Why are they what I am?

I take care of little, I press that button and go home.

I take a damp cloth and calmly clean the bottle; I do not want the dust to dirty the table then smile at the memory of gossip and happy people everything connected and everything runs and turns like a wheel and we can only ride it hoping not to end up on the ground.

Well now I can tell you what bottle I chose

Arnaldo – Caprai Sagrantino di monte falco 1995.

A great producer and a bottle on which I have high hopes; why do I tell you this?

This bottle had a sister who lived a beautiful Easter day about seven years ago, by heart it was excellent.

Let’s see what happened in these years; surely I am aged in seven years; at the time I was still a twenty-year-old and today I go slowly towards the last slice of the thirty.

At the time I had recently worked in Tabaccheria and still lived three houses ago; I am nostalgic and yet I can not help but stop for a moment. I do not say a tear but the memories invade me!

I’m cursed like Samara in the ring, or like Emily Rose: my demon is called a memory.

Poly drinks and old wines

To contain such problems try to give me tasks and so I take the bottle, corkscrew and glass and go on the terrace to make a live video of the opening of the bottle.

But it is not enough; the memories are dangerous and contaminating and if they attack in a group you are finished; if I am what I am, I owe it to what I experienced last year: the hospital.

My endless ordeal with my broken heart! But I insist on moving forward.

Play the video begins and at that point are Zombiwine and I can no longer be kidnapped by my broken pieces or by my bad habits.

Opening a bottle of twenty-three years is difficult; because the corks over time have weakened and the risk of breaking it or crumbling it is always around the corner.

But I have a secret weapon! I repop my lamellar corkscrew, and with that I do not crack a cork anymore! For him this is the test of the nine, if he defeats this then I can do everything!

And he can do it!

There are no doubts; I can uncork it without any effort and the miracle happened! For the first time I unveil a twenty-year bottle without anxiety.

Anxiety is my dearest companion; that feeling that accompanies me from a life is always there; one tries to anesthetize her, but there’s no way! You can also be late drinking Poly drinks and old wines but she always comes back and is always stronger than before.

Pour a drop of wine, let’s see what it looks like: the color is not clear; there are micro particles in suspension that eat the light and make it opaque, off, but to say it’s normal.

Since the cork has held up well it’s a good thing; and I go to turn the wine in the glass and sniff: here we decide the fate of the battle, here or it goes or breaks it.

He does not know about vinegar! He does not know Marsala! He does not know about stinks or faults! Rather…. It tastes of fruit, wet mushrooms, coal; it has the smell of some rainy afternoons when, after it has stopped, when you go out in the open air you can hear the thousand notes of the wet earth and the forest.

It is not a tired wine, it is not a wine in trouble: it has a big nose and knows it has, remains a last doubt how will taste?

We taste …….

A person who, after a party or a particularly long and tiring event, returns home at dawn tired and slowly undresses.

Via the perfumes, away the clothes, away everything: stay in front of the mirror looking at his nakedness!

Like certain dawns when you are in front of a naked mirror and you have no excuse: it is only you and before you, reflected you are only you again.

So is this wine: stripped of the elegance it promised to the nose; a tannic and concentrated burst that demonstrates the true soul and character of this beautiful wine.

Burber and silent speaks little and tells a story made of timber and night noises, made of a few sweetness; certainly a push and extreme structure that in twenty-three years has undressed every flower of youth. Here there is seduction, is the same beauty of a naked old, it is the same beauty of a person who suddenly realizes that every day is disappearing and has only one thing that can save it:

Live! intensely his passions!

Because behind that tannin behind that bony ass, there is a sweetness that slowly appears and at that moment you understand that this great wine is Sagrantino and what an incredible person you are! because among the billions of men and women today life has chosen you and only you and then you look at the sea and feel the wind and despite the headache and the little sleep you are alive!

Poly drinks and old wines

I come to the end of my story, no more shutters of strange liquids, no more poly drinks and old wines for me now the only thing I want and greet you or my friends: I’m tired, very tired from a day lived like I’ve never done .

It’s been a long time
It is a timeless memory
It’s a bit like wasting time
Living and smiling for trouble
As you’ve never done
And then to think that tomorrow will always be better “


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