Conventional doubts

Conventional doubts

Conventional doubts.

I have not written anything for fifteen days! For fifteen days I did not produce anything interesting, I tried and found a thousand excuses, but the truth is that I was overwhelmed by conventional doubts.

It all started when I participated in a Roman wine event; it does not matter to know which and it does not matter to describe where and how.

Among those I have tasted many things and chatted with many people … .. while I was walking and walking among the exhibitors with my glass in my hand I felt like a fox on a leash: slave of a system.

It did not only center the event itself or the companies present (among which some even of real value) but the fact that in the last year I changed.

For me zombiwine is an important project; maybe borderline and at the edge of the insanity of mind but zombiwine talks about wines and things that excite me! Of those wines in which I read a story of those events that tell a story and trivially of blogs that talk about every single stand … .. the world is full

So what is worth writing in these days?

I’m not sure, I need to get rid of me

Conventional Doubts.

Well if I have to tell a story well then that must be a story of trust and wineries! of electronic music and sudden sampling of keyboards! Alessandra who takes pictures in secret and me that I wander in the bottles.

Here she is! It is slowly rising as the most powerful of drugs! When I have headphones in my ears and the music pump! the violin or the keyboard bombards me with the sounds that create my thoughts and here it is to build before me the image of that perfect evening.

Conventional Doubts

Discovering a new restaurant just opened to sit with your unique and inseparable soul, my partner Alessandra and give life to magic once again.

What am I saying?

Simple I discovered a new restaurant “il covino” and together with the zombiwine Alessandra I spent an evening where slowly the thoughts of a year (accumulated on each other) were dissolved and the banks were broken; and while I was healing myself with the gift made to us by Dionysius, I understood that everything was connected.

Oenological manifestations where everyone was shooting and I instead only soletto I tried to pull the rows of an enology made especially for numbers, simply, today they do not belong to me anymore.

Let’s see how beautiful women in heels are always pleasant: after all, more beautiful than an ass, there is only wine! but wine, its sanctity, wine, must be represented in another way! Nobler more elegant than a mere ass.

Like those wineries that with immense effort every day bring a smile to your lips! This is uplifting!

So here again come back the thread of my blog! let’s all go

Conventional doubts

Natural wines “Cantina anne Santi vall nero” followed by “almagia di Giancarlo Ceci” while in my head at high volume the notes of Enigma echo the project of the Romanian electronic artist Cretu.

It was that beautiful evening of cheese cured meats, smiles on the part of that saint who bears me and new places to discover that has cleaned away hundreds of tastings all the same.

But is this true absolutely?


Because for example wines by artist here in Lazio is a very good project

and it was not unpleasant to taste it or even taste it il drago e la fornace

they made this event very beautiful last Sunday.

They are however conventional wines as well as today having uncorked a noble of Montepulciano of 1995 well beautiful children that fucking beautiful emotion! So it is not just a question of wine, but also of attitude to it.

Only that you can not always write credible articles! You can not always tell unique and strong stories, sometimes you have to share in front of a simple glass, in front of a group of friends a bottle like many for the sole pleasure of being there

and so to run away

Conventional doubts

To escape from those hands that attack you on the ground and nail you to make you more and more steady and more and more incapable of reasoning need wines made to be your wines!

“Annesanti val nero” this wine already no longer exists in 2015 today starts to be in excellent shape! A Sangiovese of Valnerina in excellent dusting where fruit and matter are married as zombies zombies in a curative dance made of elegance.

In honor of the truth I had already tasted his wines in November at an event organized by Mrs. Gallo “natural wines in Rome” (this was an exciting event: I tasted amazing things and met really unconventional people).

I was pleasantly impressed by this company that does not give air to guru but makes wines that are simply drunk! Wines to consider simple wines

Better if in company … their greatest strength is to escape all

Conventional doubts

We continued in this very young winery “IL covino” with a wine that is right and good to tell the owner to whom I pass the pen.

Almagia was a formidable, exciting discovery, the right crowning of a truly beautiful evening,

one knows according to the context and the situations the wine tasted changes, or rather it is not that changes the wine but changing the mood of the taster

let’s say that the senses are amplified for the better and sometimes even worse.

Now you want the evening you want the context inside this bottle tasted the (QUASI) blind these were our feelings

(it’s almost because we only knew it was a Demeter bottle coming from Organic Biodynamic agriculture)

only later we find out that it was:

Giancarlo Ceci and what we have tasted is his Demeter ALMAGIA Rosso Biodinamico 2016 vintage certificate

Trout 60% and Montepulciano 40% without sulfites

Fermented with indigenous yeasts

Post-fermentation hot maceration

Malolactic fermentation in steel for 4 months

The olfactory taste test we leave it as a reminder to the evening because it was a discovery after another, the more the wine was oxygenated in the glass the more he took out aromas of an unconventional wine at all taken for granted a very pleasant drink with a delicate tannin close the tasting with softness.

Get the zombone back!

And so grouping fifteen days of free thoughts, here we are to summae everything.

To you and of course you saw that as you will have understood my way of advertising to a local is quite indirect I will tell you this.

In the face of mine

Conventional doubts

I have been very good in this winery called “Il Covino” the address we say but I do not put it if it is too ungracious!


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