To win you do not have to fight


To win you do not have to fight.

Like every Sunday, collecting the notes of a week I was trying to pull out a nice article.

Nothing is empty! I felt stupid!

I wrote and erased, I struggled indefatigably to bring out an idea; but then after two hours I told myself.

Might as well not publish anything unless you have a good idea … if not monkeys yourself!

And while I was about to throw in the towel I realized that here is the idea, here it is the line, here … I was writing that

To win you do not have to fight.

Maybe if there are readers with a clear and extreme socio-political approach to the fascist period , they will ask me as loser or shitman:  fuck off I am convinced!

To win you do not have to fight!

And here, as I write these words, on the keyboard and in my mind takes shape what today is worth talking about: a great Zen wine!

Producers who do not bend nature, do not fight to win and mortify it but rather adapt to the difficulties and doing so: They make  incredible wines

To win you do not have to fight.

If you were opposed to gravity, scientists would never have launched a man on the moon; if they had opposed death, man would never have discovered surgery or antibiotics; if they were opposed to the environmental constraints in Ischia they would never have vinified Bajola.

It ‘s useless to tell you that it is vinified with the method of the millstone, you could find this info on a thousand other blogs or on their site; but what counts is the mammoth Boom that I felt when I opened the stelvin of their bottle.

Yes you read well: screw cap; to fuck purity of intent or cork, for this wine does not serve; this wine is already strange of his own.

The palmento involves leaving the destemmed grapes in a cement container, and waiting six months.

The palmento does not mean doing nothing, in fact almost every day the wine must be checked, tasted, reasoned, because it is necessary to find that magical moment in which it is ready.

First it is unripe and it’s not good.

After it is over and it’s not good anyway.

All this without any temperature control or intervention with oenological products: this wine is made thanks to the holy spirit that remains the grape that grows dreaming of becoming wine.

To win you do not have to fight.

This wine is created for extreme and non-imposed natural chemical reactions! This wine exists because instead of fighting it has been chosen to give it a chance to be itself without judgments or moralism.

From time to time, the must is turned, at the end of fermentation it is lost; the only concession to modernity is the use of argon to saturate the palmento, so as not to oxidize the wine.

Realize: only argon! Here are three thousand years of technology summarized in … But a whole lot of inert gas is enough for me, the rest of us will take care of Ischia.

That’s enough !

What comes out?

A wine dense, oily, fresh but sapid; saline as an island and as intense as the colors of Ischia.

A wine that at every sip you ask if it is right or wrong that it is so and then at some point you start to fuck, just start drinking: a wine that you drink tastes never tried before.

A wine with an important pose that makes you say this must be this way: pose, smell (but not stink) colors, density!

A wine that at the end of the first bottle curses you for having taken only one and why this?

A wine that is very reminiscent of the humoral and emotional aspect of falling in love rather than a simple drink.



To win you do not have to fight.

In this vineyard the vineyard itself is served and we do not need it.

In this vineyard there is respect for fatigue (when harvesting at 40 degrees).

In this vineyard the pain mixes with laughter because everything is yin and jang.

Life and death

Smile and cry.

Work and construction.

Want to make it, but not for themselves, but to be able to drink again this extraordinary and expressive son of a place saved from modernity, earthquakes, stupidity, yields, sulphites, large distribution and especially saved by those who want to drink without thinking.

Bajola in the end is a wine, but first it is a year of life, and those who drink it must understand or waste a chance.

And that’s how you get excited! And that’s how you become neodruid in a world in sterile and aseptic machines!

As well as Primus free and anarchist musicians!

this wine is a proclamation of humanity and humanism.

This wine gives a fuck bureaucracy!

fuck up bad habit and ignorance!

Fuck standardization and well as needing to always classify everything!

This wine fucks! Lucky him!

I assure you of a wine that is difficult to drink and to understand because it is far from the patterns and constructs that a dominant enology and a slavery chemical agriculture impose on vines planted only to obtain yields.

In short, a wine made to be itself and not to find ways to do more!

To win you do not have to fight.

In this Bajola there is instead sweat and love; love for the island, love for those seven thousand meters of vineyard, love for having chosen the vines that you wanted to grow and not those imposed by the prevailing idea, love for wanting to win at all costs and finally love for your own intelligence .

Because the Iacono are above all intelligent visionary madmen (and it is a compliment) are people who did not stop, did not take the weapon to want to necessarily get the result that in the first measure was thought to have to get, but they used their ability to see in the earth and for the earth.

I was really excited to drink it and I can not say if it is or is not the best white drunk for all time, because doing so would give less importance to other realities that achieve wonderful results for different reasons and I for one do not want to fight and climb unnecessary rankings.

I want to drink and talk about wine and look like a morning when the head was empty and I did not even find the opening words to start with, having seen the bottle of Bajola on my furniture (I keep the empty bottles looking at me) he brought a river of words.

These are important wines, are wines that go beyond the territory, these are wines that talk about the history of humanity and the many difficulties incurred to obtain a drink that for two thousand years has been a food.

Boys when I approached the nose by the glass wooooooh I roared, I felt hunted and then a horde of hungry zombies and pissed off as punks in the seventies poured on my taste buds.

Dozens of contrasting sensations that come together form a kaleidoscope of colors and, once understood, create an ancient and unrepeatable harmony.

To win you do not have to fight.

Because I say that the real fighters are those who do not fight, the real warriors are those who think!

Because a few days later Bajola, I opened another wine from my area.

A Gragnano, which will also be an idiot wine, and no one says otherwise, but in a world that is demonstrating how the refermented in the bottle (which is not really my favorite genre) can do wonderful and drinkable things; well this wine was made in a hyper traditional way and so it was

“The crap, the crap, the crap, the crap …… of crap”

Synthetically and dialectically, yes coherently: “nu vin and merd!”

To avoid being sued (it would be nice to be sued for this reason) I will not show you the picture and I will not tell you the name of the company (just combing my social networks) but this wine made at Poggiomario was

A cross between a cheap wine, a chewing gum, a known cola drink and the sum of all the insults received for my shitty character.

Yet it was done using all the tricks that are used to obtain a wine that is easy to sell

This to say what?

That it takes courage not to want to work with yeast in sachets, chemical concealers, grapes swollen with fetines and greens of antibiotics but that ultimately the wine never lies.

The wine is not a prostitute that tells you what you want to hear, but it is the most honest entity in the world because it will only show you the truth and today the truth is that

To win you do not have to fight.

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