Zombiwine: the survivor

Zombiwine: the survivor.

Who I am?

Zombiwine for some,Giuseppe for others, for myself instead I am a survivor.

I survived the cardiac surgery, and believe me, not once.

I have survived myself, my vices and my mind and believe me again: not once.

I have survived  to dreams: when you betray them they become black worms crawling at night and sticking to your skin, pumping, like leeches, anxiety and unhappiness. I am afraid of my dreams, and I try not to have them or to keep them at bay.

I have survived my nightmares, and even I do not recommend them, they are relatives of dreams but much more viscous; they look like sludge dripping from a sewer and it sticks to you icy and anesthetic. If you’re not careful, in the end you’re so frozen by your fears that you can not do anything anymore while the nightmares scream all their hatred in your face.

For now let’s finish this great tour of my mind here.

Only one thing has always remained as livid as light and sweet as love: my passions! Those never left me. All of them, kneaded like bread, form my soul.

I am Zombiwine: the survivor and I love wine!

Well, on the other hand, with the name I chose, I certainly could not talk about pediluvi.

There is a lot of peace in the vineyards; there is silence among the rows while in reality an infinity of tiny cosmos struggle to survive.

Insects ripping limbs from other insects: crickets that devour, bees that suck, spiders that pierce, nocturnal mammals that escape from high creatures.

Through wine and its producers: I tell stories.

Stories macabre but stories.

The protagonist would seem the wine, but in reality we are all of us who, reading this blog, interconnect us in a network of many individualities.

This network is called: “the horde”

Trust in what I have to offer you: my way of communicating may seem immature, but it is a completely free point of view.

Be like the insects that in the vineyard, hidden from the eyes of the most love, hate, devour, snatch and really exist. I like to fill my life with this microcosm that has finally generated what I have most powerful:


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